Party Pianos were asked recently to play for the Executive PA Awards 2013 which was held at The Grange City Tower Bridge Hotel. The main ballroom was filled with glamorous nominees, their bosses and the editors and staff of Executive PA magazine. The special event host was Suzanne Shaw who was also representing a brain cancer charity.

For this event, we provided the opening act for the awards. This meant a 15 minute burst of live requests from the audience, before retiring to allow the commencement of the awards. Probably the shortest gig we’ve ever done! However the audience quickly got the concept and we had them singing along to Daft Punk and Sex on Fire.

We are now becoming a staple on the awards circuit, so you may see us soon if you’re wearing black tie or a cocktail dress!

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Executive%20PA%20Awards%202013%20feat%20Party%20Pianos,%20duelling%20pianos” modestbranding=”1″]

Party Pianos, duelling pianos

Party Pianos at the Executive PA Awards 2013