Chertsey Floods

Many of you would have seen Chertsey on the news recently as it battled against the worst floods since 1947. Party Pianos is based in Chertsey, a small town in Surrey about 45mins South of London. Fortunately we weren’t affected by the floods and were not flooded, however we have friends and family that were. So the last fortnight was spent sandbagging and doing everything possible to protect their homes and businesses. The arrival of the Army was a welcome sight and their presence helped immensely. The deployment of The Chertsey Sausage, an aqua dam filled with water stretching hundreds of metres, divided a street and thankfully was never put to work; but instead has become quite a celebrity! A big mention must go to the Chertsey Floodline, a group of volunteers led by local resident Anthony Leonard that delivered around 15,000 sandbags and supplies to vulnerable people affected by the floods.

This was not a freak event as the Thames floods severely in Chertsey and Shepperton every three years, with some homes flooding every year. In response, we have formed the Chertsey Flood Group made up of local councillors, residents and representatives from the Environment Agency. This group will meet regularly with the aim to lobby government for some serious spend dedicated to protecting the Thames in the Chertsey and surrounding areas.